Seasonal bouquets

Seasonal bouquets, special flowers of the season With seasonal bouquets you quickly think of bouquets with flowers that are very specific to a particular season. And...

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Seasonal bouquets, special flowers of the season

With seasonal bouquets you quickly think of bouquets with flowers that are very specific to a particular season. And of course that's right! Therefore, seasonal bouquets often consist for the most part of those specific seasonal flowers. A good example is of course a tulip bouquet in spring. Whether it's mixed tulips or tulips of one color. The tulip bouquet immediately brings spring into your home. The tulip bouquet often consists of tulips that are supported by beautiful green or other types of flowers. This also applies to other seasonal flowers such as the beautiful sunflowers. If you see sunflowers then you know right away that the summer season has begun. Of course everyone knows the traditional sunflower with its yellow petals and dark brown heart. But also these seasonal flowers have many variations. How about brown red leaves or white leaves with a black heart? And even the yellow sunflower has beautiful varieties, like the fine-leaved Teddy. So seasonal flowers are anything but standard and available in all kinds of varieties, colors and sizes.

Why a seasonal bouquet

With a seasonal bouquet at home you will experience the season optimally! With a bunch of tulips in the house it's like spring. A bouquet of large gladioli provides that summer feeling. Whether mixed or as a mono bouquet, seasonal flowers always do well. And because we buy our flowers directly from the grower we offer certain seasonal flowers only in season. This allows us to offer the best quality at the very best price. Precisely because we really make our seasonal bouquets only from seasonal flowers, they are not available all year round. Every season, or every period, the seasonal bouquet changes in composition and price. Because of this we can always guarantee fresh, current and special seasonal bouquets. 

Ordering a seasonal bouquet

Ordering a seasonal bouquet is child's play. In just a few simple clicks you can order a trendy and colorful bouquet with beautiful flowers of the season. That way it is very easy to pamper yourself or surprise someone else. Do you have an account and are you logged in? Then ordering is even easier! You choose your seasonal bouquet and, if you order the flowers for someone else, you can add a personal message. We will then add the card with this personal message to the bouquet for you. Then you indicate for whom the bouquet is intended and when you want the seasonal bouquet to be delivered. You can then pay safely in the way that suits you best. In these few simple steps you have ordered a beautiful seasonal bouquet. It couldn't be easier. The seasonal bouquet you ordered is exactly as you see it on the picture in the shop. Because we work from one location, our seasonal bouquets are always composed, bound, packed and shipped in the same way with great care. 

Care Seasonal bouquet 

Of course it is very important for every bouquet to take very good care of it. That starts with putting the bouquet in the vase. The seasonal bouquet is delivered on a little water. So when the bouquet arrives it is nice to put the forest on water. Make sure you always use a clean vase. Also pay attention to the characteristics of the flowers in the seasonal bouquet. For example, tulips always grow on the vase for a while. Wash the vase just as well and rinse it. Then fill the vase half to three quarters with fresh tap water and add the flower food to the water. Then you take the unpacked bouquet and cut off about 3 cm diagonally from the bottom of the stems. Of course you can also cut, but preferably use special flower scissors or pruning shears. In any case, our seasonal bouquets come with clean, leafless stems. If there are still leaves on them, remove them so they do not end up in the water, otherwise the water will quickly become cloudy, which will not benefit the flowers. It is also good to change the water once in a while. By the way, it is not necessary to add new flower food. Draughts, direct sunlight, fruit or the hot heating have a negative effect on the flowers of the seasonal bouquet. 

What seasonal flowers are

Every season has its own seasonal flowers that are very recognizable for everyone and also immediately make the association with that season. Nice examples are of course tulips in spring. But also spring flowers like anemones, ranunculus and irises are flowers that give you that cheerful spring feeling. The ultimate summer flower for many people is of course the sunflower. But gladioli, there are about 260 varieties, are not to be missed in summer either. These striking flowers are beautiful as mono bunches and often make the difference in a bouquet.